Company Policy

Quick N Easy Laundry Service was created to provide the best affordable and convenient laundry services. Our goal is to create an ease process in getting the antagonizing chore of getting your laundry done.

We take necessary precaution so that the best care is given throughout the laundry process. We do this through continuous research and development selecting the most gentle, non-toxic, phosphate free detergents and utilizing the very best organic dry cleaning process.

Our customers are very valuable to us at Quick N Easy Laundry Services and with that our promise is to ensure our customers are properly advised on the services. 

Loss or Damage

Quick N Easy Laundry service works hard to ensure your laundry is treated with the best care. Our extensive cleaning process pays a great deal of attention to detail, however, in extremely rare instances garments are misplaced, lost or damage in the process. In this unlikely scenario, if loss or damage is our fault, then below you will find the process for making claim.

Dry Cleaning/Laundered Clothing

If Quick N Easy Laundry Services is at fault of Lost or Damage, our liability does not exceed (10) times the value of the cost of cleaning the item, regardless of the value of the item. We understand how unpleasant the moments are and we plan to work with our customers to correct any inconvenience. All claims must be made within 48 hours.

Please inform customer service representative of any article of clothing that requires special care or attention. Quick N Easy Laundry Services does not assume responsibility for damage, fading and/or shrinkage of any clothing that hasn’t been specified for requiring special needs.

Wool & Cashmere

Articles that wool, wool-blend, cashmere and cashmere blend are very delicate and can be unpredictable during the laundry process. These clothing types are usually NOT machine washable, therefore we would recommend the dry cleaning process. Quick N Easy Laundry Service will not accept responsibility for any damage or shrinkage of any article of clothing that is made of the same material which are sent to us for wash and fold services.

Wash & Fold Services

Quick N Easy Laundry Services use cold water to wash all articles of clothing and dry on the lowest heat setting. We use warm and/or hot water only when instructed by customer or when its necessary. Through research, we have found that cold water is gentler on fabric and colors. We also use quality non-abrasive, chemical free products available on the market. Through our research and development department we continue to ensure the proper care for your clothing and will not assume responsibility for any items that may in any way become compromise throughout the process.

Articles of clothing that are new and being wash for the first time is at risk of shrinkage or colors may run. We will not accept responsible for this item being damage or shrink through the drying process or colors bleeding through the wash cycle. We do offer textile restoration which will depend on the manager discretion for the use to be complimentary or a paid services.

At any time, you feel like an article of clothing is at risk of being damage through the standard wash process, we are able to hand wash these item and hang dry. These item of clothing should be separate and mark as to identify its process. We do not allow more than four pieces clothing per customer to be hand wash and hang dry.

Quick N Easy Laundry Services will not accept responsibility for loss of color, shrinkage or damage to items which are vintage or purposefully distressed. We wish to advise that items that have been treated to appear vintage are highly likely to perform badly in the washing and drying process over a period of time much shorter than sturdily made garments.

Unless the customer itemizes every single piece in writing in their laundry bag, Quick N Easy Laundry Services does not accept responsibility for claims on missing items. If the customer has provided a detailed list of the items in their bag and an item does go missing through our error, then our liability is capped at ten (10) times the value of the wash & fold portion of the ticket.


In rare instances, it is possible that an item may become misplaced or lost. In the event that a customer should wish to make a claim for a missing item, the customer must present the original itemized list, which accompanied the bag, along with the ticket within 48 hours.



Quick N Easy Laundry Services allows a maximum of 48 Hours to get each customers laundry done, from pick-up to delivery. If laundry is not delivered within that time period because of reasons not of the company, then a storage cost of $1.00 per day will be charged. On the other hand, if it’s the fault of the company the customer can make a claim.